Charles Gruwell

Design Director

Nearly thirty years ago, Charles' Career was

launched with several years of service with the nationally

recognized firm of Falls, Grant and Lucas in Los Altos,

California. Building upon his success at an early age, he

returned to the Monterey Peninsula in 1981 and

successfully built his own interior consulting practice which

achieved national recognition for its outstanding level of

design integrity and innovation. To expand his

international reach and broaden his creative portfolio,

Charles went on to serve as the Design Director for

Studio Encanto, a division of Hirsch Bedner Associates

International, specializing in luxury five-star hotels and

exclusive residences. Following his tenure with Hirsch

Bedner, Charles became Director of Design for Los

Angeles based DESIGN 1 Interiors prior to its closure.

Most recently, Charles was the Director of Design for the

Beverly Hills office at Bent Severin & Associates

International Design Group before joining ABA in Las

Vegas in 1996 as its Design Director, spearheading the

company's growth into large-scale hotel and resort


Working in collaboration with Nevada registered interior

designers and architects, the firm specializes

in one-of-a-kind boutique hotels and

resorts, exclusive residential properties, restaurants and

country clubs. Charles' hallmark has long been his vivid

design imagination and highly personalized approach to

client service. His creative strength and notoriety has led

to eight prestigious national awards for hotel and resort



In 1986, Charles was awarded two of the three "First

Place" Gold Key Awards for Excellence in Hospitality

Design sponsored by the American Hotel/Motel

Association. His design work at the Spindrift Inn,

Monterey, California, was chosen from among 150

international entries for "Best Lobby" and "Best Guest

Room" design, thereby distinguishing him as the first

designer in the history of the annual competition to

receive more than one award in a single year. The

following year, Charles was again selected as one of the

five finalists for the Gold Key Award for Excellence in

Hospitality Design for the guest rooms and suites at the

famed Lodge at Pebble Beach.